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Importance of Istikhara
Online Istikhara required in two situations. Whether the situation is seems satisfactory in its shown perspective or it seems complicated, Istikhara become sensitive, have long lasting effects and it show us concerns those are related to future as well. Prophet of Allah (S.A.W) teaches their followers and asks them to remember Dua of Istikhara as they remember Quranic verses, that is the evidence that how much important Istikhara is? Syedna Jabir bin Abduallah (R.A) narrated that Prophet (S.A.W) teaches us Dua Istikhara as he teaches us other Quranic verses. (Sahi Bukhari 6382)

Prophet (S.A.W) further teaches that “Offer 2 Rakat Nafal prayer, and ask Dua Istikhara when someone from you feels difficulty in any matter” (Sahi Bukharai 6382)

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