Throughout his tenure of study, Rohani Amil Baba had been renowned for providing solutions to people with problems. Solving problems for fellow students, neighbors, friends and family brought an urge of public service to Rohani Amil Baba and hence since then, Rohani Amil Baba has been looking in to the problems and issues general public in Pakistan brings up to the Astrologist. Not only looking in to the problem, helps the public, the astrologist provides a solution that is related to the problem and is in accordance to the Islamic Teachings.  A very long journey of helping and serving brought Rohani Amil Baba to level of qualified Astrologist.

The world has no doubt changed from what it was before to a place which is troubled for almost every one. Materialistic world gives rise to problems, one way or the other. Such as, employment issues, relationship problems, shortage of income, magic, black magic, exorcism, Disease, Demonic spirits, parental or spouse disobedience, pregnancy problems, business issues, property rental sale purchase problems and much more. The problems in the world are never ending.

Solutions provided by Scholar Peer Syed are in the light of Islam and Quran. Centuries old Quran holds the solution of every problem present in the world till the end of times. Peer Syed feels great pride in helping People around the World with their issues.  Having the ability of spreading out Allah’s word for the sake of betterment of Allah’s creature, Peer Syed is no more than one of Allah’s servant trying to do the best for HIM and HIS creatures.

Pakistan is abundant with Amils, nobles, astrologists, peers, who would not hesitate to turn your life upside down within a second by demanding a sum of money that not everyone can afford. First of all the knowledge that is provided to someone is a blessing from Almighty Allah and the starvation for the knowledge shown by HIS creatures, actually helps him achieve it. Rohani Amil Baba unlike other phony, sham artists out there is very rich in education of Stars, astrology and the ways of Islamic teachings, this is the only reason why Rohani Amil Baba has achieved this level of success in Pakistan. One thing that stands Rohani Amil Baba apart from the other shams is the intention which is what counts. As mentioned in Quran, “Actions are judged by intentions.” So One and Only thing that matters behind every deed is the intentions.

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